Selling Online

The ability to trade across Europe, particularly online, from Ireland has never been easier.

Due to the country of origin rules for e-commerce, organisations primarily need to comply with the laws of the country in Europe that they are selling from, rather than the country they are selling into. As Ireland is an English speaking, common law jurisdiction, it is a good choice as the base for selling across Europe, with legal structures, principles and contract laws very similar to those in the USA.

We also have significant experience helping organisations comply with consumer protection and privacy rules in the EU. The EU's new Digital Services Act puts additional obligations regarding content moderation, transparency and fairness on digital services providers and online platforms. By performing a gap analysis, we can identify what needs to change in a US company's current sales contracts, terms of service, privacy policies or cookie notices before they start selling in Europe.

Our team is internationally recognised as the leader in the market for advising businesses selling online.