About Us

Our Firm

We are an Irish business law firm with 120 partners and total staff in excess of 600. We understand the challenges domestic and international organisations face in business. We assist our clients in meeting their ongoing legal and commercial imperatives through every business life cycle.

Corporate social responsibility is a natural fit with the way we do business. We invest in our society and communities through a range of focused programmes.

Our Locations

We have offices in London, New York and San Francisco, three of Ireland’s most important conduits for inward investment to Ireland. We have comprehensive knowledge of issues involved in investing and locating in a foreign country.

Quality Approach

Our legal services are grounded in deep expertise and informed by practical experience.

We tailor our advice to our clients’ business and strategic objectives, giving them clear recommendations. This allows clients to make good, informed decisions and to anticipate and successfully navigate even the most complex matters.

Our working style is versatile and collaborative, creating a shared perspective with clients so that legal solutions are developed together. Our service is award-winning and innovative.

This approach is how we make a valuable and practical contribution to each client’s objectives.

We have profound knowledge and experience in the following sectors: Energy, Technology, Financial Services, Built Environment, Healthcare and Life Sciences.