Corporate Social Responsibility

We deliver and support relevant, dynamic, and inclusive working and learning experiences for our trainees and staff.

We are engaged with the world at large and invest in activating the talent across our community. This is good for business, and good for our sense of citizenship.

Individually and collectively, we aim to develop leaders and show leadership through a strong sense of corporate, personal, and civic responsibility, and an equitable approach.

Our Purpose

We have a shared value approach to the world - the success of our business is closely connected to the success of the community in which we operate. The support and investments we make in those communities and the latent talent and assets that we help to unlock will positively impact society.

Our Vision

Activating individual talent for the collective good

Our Mission – making change through 1%

Our CSR target is to invest up to 1% of our annual turnover across five key areas:

Our CSR values and approach to what we do

  • Education for life
  • Civic and social minded
  • Collaborative
  • Inclusive and equitable