Product Regulation & Consumer Expertise

The market for consumer goods is competitive, fast-moving and highly regulated. Reputation is key. Manufacturers and retailers must ensure that their goods and services comply with a range of EU and national laws and regulations. We understand that the consequences of a failure to comply can be catastrophic, both legally and reputationally.

Our dedicated cross-departmental Product Liability team provides a comprehensive service to domestic and international clients. The team includes engineers, medical doctors and claims specialists, and is experienced in advising suppliers and retailers on product and consumer regulation.

Our team has particular experience in heavily-regulated industry sectors such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices, agri-food and beverage, consumer electronics, and transportation, including motors, aviation and maritime. This allows us to draw upon sector-specific expertise while delivering a seamless service.

Our approach is founded on an in-depth understanding of the regulatory landscape, with a strongly industry and commercial focus. We ensure to give our clients clear explanations of complex issues, robustly defend their interests and devise practical value-adding solutions for them wherever possible.