Healthcare Providers Expertise

With extensive experience in the Irish healthcare sector, we advise public and private hospitals, hospices and other voluntary healthcare providers on structuring and corporate governance issues.

We regularly assist section 38 and 39 agencies to meet the governance standards required of them, including obligations arising under their Annual Compliance Statement and Service Arrangement with the HSE together with the laws, codes and good governance practices referred to within them. Such assistance includes ensuring that the governing instrument and governance policies of the organisation are up-to-date, meet the standards required by the HSE and reflect principles of good governance.

We assist charitable healthcare providers in ensuring that they meet their obligations under the Charities Act 2009. For healthcare providers holding a charitable tax exemption, we regularly advise on the regulatory and compliance obligations imposed by the Revenue Commissioners.

We regularly advise hospitals and other organisations on proposed mergers and changes to the structure within which they currently provide their services.