Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expertise

The EU AI Act will be one of the most challenging pieces of regulation for the technology industry since GDPR. The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union reached political agreement on the European Commission’s proposal for the AI Act on Friday, 8 December. Even with a reasonable implementation period compliance will be an arduous task for the technology industry, in particular.

We are Ireland’s leading EU technology, privacy, and product advisor, and we will leverage that experience for your AI compliance program for now and the future. With a team made up of leading AI, Privacy, Data Security, Intellectual Property and Commercial lawyers we will give you practical and actionable legal solutions for developing, licensing, marketing, and using AI and dealing with related issues in automated decision making, profiling and cloud infrastructure.

Generative AI, like ChatGPT, is ubiquitous and we are supporting clients in dealing with the complex issues that flow from engaging with and licensing this technology, from present and anticipated regulatory compliance to liability and ethical AI considerations. This technology will only go from strength to strength and numerous players will enter the market alongside OpenAI. Technology companies understand this and are actively adopting this AI technology in the knowledge this it will give them the competitive edge tomorrow. We understand this technology and have the skills and experience to support our clients in its adoption and use.