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The construction industry is exposed to elevated risk as a result of COVID-19, given its reliance on multi-jurisdictional supply chains, the effects of government quarantine measures and the related contractual issues they present. The Irish planning system also faces challenges potentially causing delays to key infrastructure and construction projects.

Our Construction & Engineering and Planning & Environment teams have a deep understanding of the unique challenges now facing the sector. Read our insights below or contact a team member today for expert advice and guidance.

Private Energy Generation Projects now subject to the AIE Regulations


We hosted a webinar on Tuesday 9 February discussing the recent decision on Private Energy Generation.

World Energy Outlook & European Green Deal


We hosted a webinar on Tuesday 3 November looking at the European Green Deal in the context of the global energy outlook.

Commercial Leases and Insolvency – What are the Implications?


On Tuesday 29 September, we hosted the latest in our series of Built Environment webinars, this time focusing on the impact that events of insolvency can have on commercial leases.

Construction Contracts & Insolvency - What are the Implications?


We hosted a webinar on 24 of September focusing on the impact that events of insolvency can have on construction contracts.


Renewable Electricity Support Scheme - Delivering a Successful Project


We will host a webinar on 17 September at 11.00am which is the third in our RESS 1 series and will focus on the implementation phase for projects and the issues that should be considered by investors, funders and developers with an interest in RESS 1 projects.


Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) Briefing


On 10 June we hosted a webinar discussing RESS in light of Eirgrid's provisional qualification decision. Our speakers examined the next steps for those who have qualified, as well as the options for those that have not.and also the risks and obligations around the Implementation Agreement, including performance bond obligations that successful participants will eventually be required to sign, as well as market issues that participants will need to be aware of.


Built Environment & Construction in Light of COVID-19


We hosted hosted a webinar discussing Built Environment & Construction in light of COVID-19. Our speakers discussed the relevant provisions in the RIAI form of building agreement and considered impacts on the Irish planning system and economic development.


Ireland’s Energy Sector - Challenge and Opportunity in 2021


2020 was something of a mixed year for the Irish energy sector. It presented challenges and changes, but also considerable opportunities for market participants.


Construction Update: Non-essential Construction to Close – What Does this Mean for You?


The Irish Government published new regulations on 7 January 2021 which required all construction works to cease from 6pm on Friday 8 January 2021 until at least the end of January, save for limited exceptions.


The Return to the “New Normal” in the Irish Planning System


We examine how the Irish planning system intends to operate as it emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.


Infrastructure Investment Can Help Restart the Economy


Project Ireland 2040 sets ambitious long term national targets for capital investment in areas including health, housing, education and transport. We look at why the Irish government should prioritise investment in infrastructure to help the economy, create and support jobs, and increase Ireland’s productive capacity.


Planning & Environment | AG – Extension to Shannon Gas Terminal Development Consent Should be Assessed Under Habitats Directive


According to an Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), an extension granted in 2018 to the development consent for the Shannon LNG gas terminal is subject to Article 6(3) of the Habitats Directive. Under that article, plans or projects not directly connected with or necessary to the management of a European site but likely to have a significant effect thereon, either individually or in combination with other plans or projects, shall be subject to appropriate assessment of its implications for the site in view of the site's conservation objectives.


Construction | Covering the Cost of COVID-19 Related Site Closures


The closure of the vast majority of construction sites in accordance with the COVID-19 Regulations has raised many questions regarding a Contractor’s right to additional compensation. In an attempt to address the disruption to the construction industry caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) has published helpful guidance on how parties to standard form PWC contracts can agree ex gratia payments to offset the burdensome costs resulting from pandemic-related site closures. The payment aims to cover the Contractors' preliminaries unavoidably incurred and reasonably vouched for the duration of the site closure. The OGP has also published the text of the Supplemental Agreement to be entered into by the Parties.


Construction | Projects on Lockdown: Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions


Given that the vast majority of projects are now closing, we look at how the latest restrictions will affect the rights and obligations of employers and contractors operating under the two most commonly used forms of contract in Ireland; the Public Works Contract (PWC) and the RIAI standard form contract.


Planning & Environment | Open For Business – The Planning System in Ireland


We review recent government directions and examine the importance being placed on ensuring the planning system continues to function.


Planning & Environment | COVID-19 and the Impact on the Planning System in Ireland


We examine how the COVID-19 public health emergency has already impacted on the planning system in Ireland and its potential future effects.


Construction | Can Your Project Become Infected?


We examine the potential effects of COVID-19 on the ability to perform contractual obligations in construction projects and how issues arising in an international supply chain could infect a project in Ireland. We look at a classic definition of a “force majeure event” and examine whether COVID-19 is likely to succeed in meeting the typical requirements for relief.


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