General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018. The GDPR introduced a number of significant changes for managing data. These include:

  • Increased obligations around consent
  • Greater transparency requirements for privacy notices
  • New security rules and breach reporting obligations
  • A revamped regime for enforcement, remedies and liability
  • The introduction of the principles of privacy by design and default.

When the GDPR became law, the majority of its provisions applied immediately in Ireland and the EU. Contact a member of our team below if you have any GDPR queries.


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To help businesses understand the new regulations, we have created a GDPR mobile app which provides an insight into the broad scope of the GDPR. 

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Useful Resources

We have published the following series of articles on the scope and impact of the GDPR:

  1. Preparing for GDPR: 5 Important Steps
  2. Reforming Data Protection Law – Introducing the General Data Protection Regulation
  3. General Data Protection Regulation: 6 Things You Need to Know 
  4. Post-Brexit – What’s the Potential Fallout for Data Protection?
  5. Employment Law Update: What does the GDPR Mean for Employers? 

Getting Ready for GDPR Guide

To further assist organisations with GDPR, we have published our Getting Ready for the GDPR Guide. The Guide explores GDPR and explains which organisations could be caught by its wide net. It also reviews five broad areas of implementation:

  • Gap and compliance analysis
  • Contracting and policies
  • Record-keeping and privacy governance
  • Security
  • Privacy Impact Assessment and Privacy by Design

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