General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018, bringing about a number of significant changes regarding the use of personal data, including:

  • Increased obligations around consent.

  • Greater transparency requirements for privacy notices.

  • New and enhanced rights for individuals.

  • Detailed requirements for contracting with processors.

  • New security rules and breach reporting obligations.

  • Principles of privacy by design and privacy by default.

  • A revamped regime for enforcement, remedies and liability.

Since before GDPR came into force, our GDPR Team has provided world-class expertise and strategic advice on all issues regarding compliance with and the impact of GDPR. With the foremost GDPR team in Ireland, which is earning a reputation as the premier team in the EU to advise US and other non-European companies on GDPR matters, our GDPR Team is well-place to advise on any GDPR queries you may have. 


GDPR Guide


To further assist organisations with GDPR, we have published our GDPR Guide. The Guide explores GDPR and explains which organisations could be caught by its wide net. It also reviews five broad areas of implementation:

  • Gap and compliance analysis

  • Contracting and policies

  • Record-keeping and privacy governance

  • Security

  • Privacy Impact Assessment and Privacy by Design

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Download our complimentary GDPR Guide App 

To help businesses understand the GDPR regulations, we have created a GDPR mobile app which provides an insight into the broad scope of the GDPR. 

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Useful Resources

We have published the following series of articles on the scope and impact of the GDPR:

  1. Reforming Data Protection Law – Introducing the General Data Protection Regulation

  2. General Data Protection Regulation: 6 Things You Need to Know 

  3. Post-Brexit – What’s the Potential Fallout for Data Protection?

  4. Employment Law Update: What does the GDPR Mean for Employers?

  5. Charities Update: How Will the GDPR Affect your Charity? 

  6. Public & Administrative Law Update: GDPR – What to Know

For more information please contact Philip Nolan or any member of our GDPR team. 


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Recent Work

  • Acting as Facebook’s EU privacy counsel, including advising on significant litigation and law enforcement work, and a number of publicised investigations under GDPR.
  • Advising Instagram and WhatsApp on regulatory engagements in the EU and on various GDPR compliance issues.
  • Advising Strava on its GDPR compliance programme, which includes ongoing product counselling.
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