Public, Regulatory & Investigations Expertise

Navigating the public and regulated sector environment can be complex. Our specialisation and experience in navigating this results in expert and effective advice delivered quickly and clearly.

Our understanding of this sector enables us to provide practical and informed advice to statutory bodies and those engaging with statutory bodies; regulators and regulated persons; and anyone undertaking, or subject to, a statutory or non-statutory investigation.

We have experience working in all areas of public law, advising public and private sector clients on what statutory bodies can do and the procedures they must follow. We advise regulators, regulated entities and others operating in a variety of regulated sectors on all types of regulation.

Our team has extensive experience of dealing with professional disciplinary systems, codes and procedures. We advise on access to, and disclosure of, information, under various access regimes to include freedom of information. Our dedicated White-Collar Crime team help clients deal with investigations and inquiries of any kind – whether statutory or non-statutory.