Freedom of Information Expertise

Our team is a leading adviser in Freedom of Information (FOI) and Access to Information on the Environment (AIE). We have been at the forefront of the development of FOI and AIE law since they were introduced. We also advise on all other aspects of information law, including privacy, data protection, confidentiality, privilege and disclosure in litigation, investigations and inquiries.

We advise public bodies / authorities and requesters on all aspects of FOI and AIE compliance and implementation, including the proper application of grounds for non-disclosure. We also advise those impacted by both FOI and AIE, such as commercial entities engaging with public bodies / authorities. We frequently advise these entities on the implications of providing information to public bodies / authorities voluntarily or by agreement, and on their rights around consultation about disclosure of their information, or in appeals before the Information Commissioner or Commissioner for Environmental Information.

We have acted in over 50 appeals to the Courts from decisions of the Commissioners, and regularly speak, write, and provide bespoke training on FOI and AIE.

As a result, we have unrivalled FOI and AIE experience, and are ideally positioned to advise clients on these information-access regimes.