Professional Regulatory & Disciplinary Expertise

We are a national leader in the field of professional regulatory and disciplinary law. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge, and acts in numerous professional regulatory sectors, including medical and nursing, health and social care, financial and accounting, banking, legal, and policing.

We advise on a wide variety of regulatory and disciplinary issues, ranging from constitutional and strategic issues, to highly-sensitive fitness to practise and other disciplinary inquiries and investigations.

Our professional regulatory team provides expert advice and representation in relation to all types of inquiries, court applications, appeals and judicial review proceedings. We also conduct our own advocacy before professional regulatory tribunals and the High Court. Our highly-experienced professional regulatory lawyers are leaders in their field, and work closely with clients to ensure the provision of focused and high-quality, clear, consistent and timely legal advice.

We also provide sector-relevant training, as well as advice concerning statutory frameworks, interpretation and governance issues. We understand that our regulatory clients operate in an increasingly complex statutory and legal environment. We ensure that our clients discharge their statutory duties and fulfil their public interest objectives effectively and efficiently.

With our deep-rooted experience in public and administrative law and dispute resolution, our team is also well equipped to deal with the many legal issues that often arise in connection with professional disciplinary proceedings, including jurisdictional, procedural and evidential issues. We also have expertise in advising on related matters including criminal prosecutions, data protection, freedom of information, defamation, human rights, statutory appeals and applications, and judicial review.