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A smiling man in a suit and white shirt stands between a woman in a blue dress and a woman in a black silk shirt and black trousers
L-R: Julie Austin, Privacy & Data Security Partner; Philip Nolan, Head of Technology and Privacy & Data Security, and Hannah Perry, Privacy & Data Security Partner

We held our Data Privacy and Emerging Technology Regulation Masterclass in the Marker Hotel on Wednesday 10 April from 8:30am-11:00am.

The last 12 months have seen an acceleration in the enactment of new laws and enforcement activity in this sector. It is increasingly important that in-house counsel advising in the technology space are aware of developments in this area to help and minimise the risks faced by their organisations.

This seminar was moderated by Philip Nolan, Head of Technology and Privacy and Data Security, Mason Hayes & Curran.

Our expert legal panelists explored some of the most pressing issues in this dynamic area of law:

Panel 1 - Data Privacy Trends

Watch Panel 1

Panel 2 - New Technology Regulation

This panel was chaired by Robert McDonagh, Partner, Privacy & Data Security, Mason Hayes & Curran

Watch Panel 2 - On Demand

Panel 3 - Enforcement of Technology Regulation

Watch Panel 3 - On Demand

For more information and expert advice on how any of these topics may impact on your business, please contact a member of our Technology team.

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