Online Conference: Consumer Products in 2021 - Three Key Issues for the Year

Event Date: 23 March 2021

We will host an online conference on Tuesday 23 March at 4.00pm GMT which will consider the top three key issues manufacturers and suppliers of consumer products will be facing in 2021. These include: 

AI: EU Regulation and Impact on Consumer Products

The EU is moving ahead with its regulatory plans for the regulation of ethical AI, with a focus on high risk applications and market approvals while building a vibrant AI ecosystem. What do the latest policy developments mean for consumer goods?


The sustainability of products is no longer a “nice to do”. EU laws are introducing durability obligations and rights of repair, promoting recyclability and ecolabelling; and banning early obsolescence and “greenwashing". What challenges does this present for companies selling products into the EU? We will discuss the imminent changes in consumer laws already adopted, as well as the proposed changes in the EU’s Sustainable Products Initiative and the “Green Transition” of the New Consumer Agenda.

EU Digital Services Reforms

The Digital Services Act brings new obligations for all digital services connecting consumers to goods, services and content. How specifically will this interplay with consumer goods and what changes will the reforms bring to consumer protection?

Our sessions will consider important recent developments in these three areas and will address why and how they will impact those manufacturing and supplying consumer goods on the EU market. Our panellists will discuss issues relating to product regulation, safety and supply but also consider some of these issues through the consumer’s lens with a focus on consumer protection obligations. The EU Consumer goods markets is competitive and highly regulated, and in 2021 it will be more important than ever for companies to be up-to-date with their obligations as the regulatory environment becomes more onerous.

Speakers will include:

Michaela Herron, Product Regulatory Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP

Wendy Hederman, Commercial and Technology Law Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP

Brian McElligott, IP & AI Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP

John Farrell, Technology Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP 

James Gallagher, Product Regulatory Senior Associate, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP


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