Ireland's Tax Regime

Tax is a key driver for many organisations in establishing and growing businesses in Ireland. A key pillar of Ireland's tax regime is our 12.5% tax rate (rising to an effective rate of 15% for in scope multinational entities under Pillar II), relatively simple code, and competitive intellectual property and research and development incentive regimes. Together, these combine to enable Irish-based businesses and operations to achieve tax efficiencies.

In addition, Ireland’s EU membership, well regarded regulatory regime, and sophisticated pharma, tech and financial ecosystems provide a unique platform to structure international business in and through Irish corporate and other vehicles.

Our tax team is made up of internationally experienced tax lawyers and professionals and provides innovative and solution-driven services to clients within and outside Ireland.

Our international tax service offering is focused on those using Ireland as part of their global tax management strategy. We regularly advise on mergers and acquisitions, global restructurings, investment structures and financial services tax, including structured finance and investment funds.