Mason Hayes & Curran LLP Launches the First Issue of the Product and Consumer Protection Mid-Year Review 2020

17 July 2020

The consumer products industry has been growing exponentially over the past number of years. The product and consumer protection law landscape in the EU is also rapidly changing and is a highly regulated sector. 2020 has seen a significant number of changes to the consumer protection and product landscape.

With regard to Brexit, given the prevalence of EU derived legislation in the consumer and product spheres, the impact of a no-deal Brexit could be significant for the industry. Companies may be affected in a broad range of areas, from product development, to market approval, to the selling of products on the EU market.

Further, manufacturers seeking to assist and develop new products to curb the spread of COVID-19 have been faced with novel regulatory considerations. It is crucial that manufacturers and retailers ensure that their goods and services comply with the impending and recent legislation in this area.

In this Review, we will deep dive into some of these themes, from consumer protection during COVID-19 to the enhancement of producer responsibility. It will focus on upcoming EU legislation applicable to the manufacture and sale of consumer products, including:

  • New Deal for Consumers

  • The Goods Package

  • The Consumer Protection Cooperation Regulation

  • The Single-Use Plastics Directive

  • The Accessibility Directive

  • The New Safety Standard IEC 62368-1

  • For ICT and AV Equipment

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