Webinar: The EU Market Surveillance Regulation – What you need to know

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We will host a webinar on the EU Market Surveillance Regulation on Thursday, 20 May at 4.00pm GMT. At the webinar, our speakers will discuss the key points and practical considerations that need to be borne in mind by ‘economic operators’ getting ready for the various requirements in this legislation that will apply from 16 July 2021, and the enhanced market surveillance powers being introduced.

This new legislation forms part of the Goods Package and is designed to improve market surveillance of a variety of specific products covered by EU harmonised legislation. One of the main drivers of this legislation was a need to address challenges posed by the increasing popularity of e-commerce and online trade, and a corresponding need to provide for improved cross-border cooperation and accountability for non-EU manufacturers. Examples of products and chemicals covered include: medical devices, machinery, batteries, toys, fertilisers, detergents and cosmetics. We will consider the key points and practical considerations that need to be borne in mind by ‘economic operators’ preparing for the coming into force of this new EU legislation from 16 July 2021. Topics to be covered will include: 

  • The scope of the new Regulation.
  • Are you an ‘Economic Operator’?
  • New obligations for Economic Operators.
  • Enhanced Powers of Market Surveillance Authorities.
  • Special considerations for online retailers.

Speakers will include:

Michaela Herron, Product Regulatory Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP

James Gallagher, Product Regulatory Senior Associate, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP


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