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We hosted a webinar discussing How Third Level Colleges Should Handle Complaints by and against students on Wednesday 24 February.

Universities and third level colleges are facing increasingly complex challenges around complaints and appeals from students in respect of student conduct. Complaints can come from students against another student or against a staff member, and also from a staff member against a student. Is a college obliged to investigate complaints of sexual harassment from students - suppose all or some of the alleged conduct occurred outside the college? What about allegations of bullying or harassment on social media? When is an investigation required? Who should investigate? Should an appeal always be offered? Are your college policies and procedures fit for purpose?

Our Education Team discussed these and related issues, presented case studies and advised on best practice and strategies to reduce risk.

Speakers included:
Ian O'Herlihy, Head of Education, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP
Elizabeth Ryan, Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP
Paul Rochford, Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP

To watch the webinar, click below

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