Internship FAQs

We have compiled the most popular questions we get every year.

What are the application dates?

Why can’t I apply for a traineeship instead of an internship?

Through experience, we have found that the best way to assess suitability for a Mason Hayes & Curran traineeship is to invite candidates into the office to complete an internship. Our 3 week programme has been designed to give you a taste of what it is like to be a trainee in the firm and assess the skills required to become a lawyer.

The intern programme is our primary means of trainee recruitment.

In what areas of law do Mason Hayes & Curran practice?

Although we are seen as a ‘corporate’ firm, there is a lot more to us than our corporate department. We are a top-tier law firm in areas such as real estate, commercial litigation, employment, financial services and many more. All of our departments are listed on our Expertise page.

What types of clients do Mason Hayes & Curran service?

We are a full-service business law firm, dealing with clients from every type of background. From AIB to Meta to Kerry Group, we service many recognisable names throughout a variety of sectors.

Does Mason Hayes & Curran recruit trainees outside of those who have taken part in the internship programme?

No. The Internship Programme is our primary means of trainee recruitment.

Do I need to be a student or graduate of law to apply to the internship programme?

No. Applications for our Summer Intern Programme are open to anyone that has completed at least one year of an undergraduate or graduate degree in any discipline. Postgraduate students or those who have completed their studies are also welcome to apply, including those who have work experience and have already completed FE-1s.

Do I need legal work experience?

No. Applications for our Summer Internship Programme are open to anyone that has completed at least one year of an undergraduate or graduate degree in any discipline.

How do I apply for an internship?

The application process is simple. You just upload your CV and a cover letter via our recruitment system.

When does the internship programme run?

The internship runs in the summer months each year. There are usually two intakes of interns, one in June and one in July, for 3 weeks each.

Will I get paid for my internship?

Yes. All interns at the firm are paid for the duration of their internship.

What makes for an effective application?

Stand out! What makes you different? How does your previous work experience or degree (legal and non-legal) enhance your application? Why are you interested in the law and why do you want to intern with us? Take the time to craft an effective cover letter and a CV which highlights your achievements. And finally, make sure to proofread!

What if I get offered a traineeship and have yet to complete my undergraduate degree?

We realise that not everyone we offer a traineeship to is in the position to immediately start the traineeship. We work with each trainee to settle on a timeline that suits their needs.

Will I be sent on secondment during my traineeship?

Secondment opportunities are offered to a number of trainees in each intake, depending on the needs of the firm.

Will my Law Society fees be covered as part of my traineeship?

Yes. We will pay your Law Society fees and a competitive salary while you are at Blackhall Place.

What are my chances of being offered a position as a solicitor after I finish my traineeship there?

We are proud to say that we retain over 90% of trainees once they complete their training contracts to become lawyers. The vast majority of our trainees also qualify into the department of their choosing.

When will applicants hear back?

Applicants should receive a confirmation email after submission and all applicants should receive a response by the end of December.

Is there anywhere I can get further information?

We will be attending multiple Law Fairs every year so please feel free to ask any of the trainees at our stand.