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Trainee Programme

We recognise the value in investing in our trainees. Our Trainee Programme is enhanced by our informal and friendly working environment which encourages learning and professional growth while gaining hands-on experience.

If you are offered a traineeship following your internship, we will pay your Law Society fees and a competitive salary and benefits package while you are at Blackhall Place. 

How to Apply

The Intern Programme is our primary means of sourcing potential trainees. Running from the start of June to the end of July (over two 4 week periods), this paid Programme provides an excellent work experience platform for law students interested in obtaining a training contract in a large law firm.

Applications for our 2021 Summer Intern Programme are now being accepted until 5pm Tuesday 20 October.  To apply, please complete your application by clicking on this link

Trainee Testimonials

Rachel Hanly, Associate and former Trainee, BCL and LLM in University College Cork

“The quality, and professional approach of Mason Hayes & Curran LLP was what initially attracted me to apply for the firm’s internship programme. This approach extended to my experiences in undertaking the internship, which I found to be challenging and truly fulfilling.  I spent my four week internship in the Corporate Charities Department. From the outset, I was impressed by how approachable everyone was and the time taken to integrate me into the team.  I was involved in an interesting array of work and had the opportunity to assist in drafting documents, undertake research work and attend client meetings. The social side of the programme was also very enjoyable, with ample opportunities to get to know others working in the firm.  The internship was a great experience – giving me a real insight into what sets MHC apart and into life as a trainee in the firm.”

Zoe McGowan, Trainee, French and Italian (BA), Trinity College Dublin

“I interned in the real estate department after finishing my final year in Trinity. Coming from a non-law background, I was slightly apprehensive about starting. However, from as early as the interview process, MHC stood out as being one of the most friendly and approachable to non-law graduates.

The work I was exposed to during my internship was suitably challenging and wide-ranging, involving tasks such as research, drafting and attending client calls. My team was consistently supportive and I felt fully involved from the outset.  

One of the major things that stood out for me during the internship was the social element. There were always a wide variety of events to attend, such as the Summer BBQ and tag-rugby. These were a great opportunity to get to meet people outside of your team and other interns.

Overall, the experience was incredibly worthwhile and a great indication of life as a trainee in a top firm.”

Anthony Strogen, Associate and former Trainee, Bachelor of Civil Law, University College Dublin

“I was placed in the commercial litigation department for my 4 week internship. While there, I assisted with research for cases, drafted pleadings and attended court. This was a fantastic experience as I got to contribute in a meaningful way to a top tier litigation team. Interns are assigned a supervising partner who provides work, which I found helpful in hitting the ground running and it meant I always had a flow of engaging work. I also had a trainee buddy who I could bounce questions off, which really assisted me with getting comfortable in the office.

The internship experience is an immersive one and I really felt part of the firm life from the outset. I was lucky enough to be in the office for the firm’s Summer BBQ, and also got to take part in the weekly MHC tag-rugby and soccer games. This was on top of the great social bond among the interns, which is fostered by the programme of events provided by MHC.”

Sarah Moynihan, Associate and former Trainee, BCLI at University College Dublin

“I felt like part of the team from the very first day. I was assigned a Partner to work with and a trainee “buddy” to help with any queries I had. Everyone was really approachable and friendly. During the four weeks, I attended court on a number of occasions, assisted with drafting documents and researched many interesting areas of law. I felt that I contributed meaningfully to the work of my team and as a result, I gained an invaluable insight into the work of a commercial law firm.”

John Milligan, Associate and former Trainee, LLB in Trinity College Dublin

“I interned in the commercial litigation department in Mason Hayes & Curran LLP at the same time as completing my LLM, and found that the firm were extremely accommodating, both in terms of the timing of my placement and by allocating me to a department which complemented and enhanced my studies. 

The work was very practical – I was immediately involved in calls with key blue-chip clients yet the team were so welcoming and approachable that I found the challenge to be enjoyable as well as thoroughly productive. Other tasks I undertook varied from research and drafting to accompanying and assisting colleagues attend court on a frequent basis. 

I also found the social element of the internship programme in MHC to be a unique selling point. There was ample opportunity to network with others through the ‘buddy system’, the Tag rugby team, and the summer bbq which was a personal highlight. Overall I would rate the programme as second-to-none due to the exposure to an excellent team, the exciting social opportunities, and as a stepping-stone to life as a trainee solicitor in a top firm.”      

Naomi Pollock, Associate and former Trainee, Bachelor of Laws (BL with LL.B.) at Trinity College Dublin

"I interned in the Public and Administrative Law Department, where I was exposed to an incredibly varied workload concerning high profile cases and diverse areas of law. I felt the firm had tried to match my placement with my profile, which was very encouraging.

Although the work was challenging, I never felt out of my depth, as from trainees to partners, there was always someone willing to offer their expertise or a helping hand, ensuring I felt involved and understood the cases I was assisting with.

It was more suitable for me to intern during the academic year, regarding which the firm was highly accommodating. Although I was the only intern in the office at that time, the experience was not at all intimidating. I truly enjoyed the internship, and thus the decision to pursue my career with Mason Hayes & Curran LLP was an easy choice."

Nikki Evans, Associate and former Trainee, Business and Law (BBLS) at University College Dublin

"The quality of the internship programme and the opportunity to be offered a traineeship in one of the top 5 leading commercial law firms in Ireland was at the forefront of my decision to apply to Mason Hayes & Curran LLP. The internship programme here stood out to me as promoting a ‘hands on’ approach. 

Mason Hayes & Curran LLP was the most approachable in terms of interview process. I felt the firm really wanted to get to know what kind of person I was. I got on well with the partners who interviewed me and I liked the idea of working in an open plan office.

The firm places a large emphasis on well-being and interests outside of work. While pursuing my professional career as a solicitor, I am also currently a member of the Irish Senior Hockey Team. We narrowly missed out on qualification for the Olympic Games for Rio 2016. To date, I have managed to successfully combine my work, studies and international hockey career. I could not have done this without the continued support of Mason Hayes & Curran LLP."