We support emerging artists and create opportunities for cultural experiences for our people and clients. This enriches our community and fosters communication and innovation.

Our Art Committee, led by partner and chair of the firm Christine O’Donovan, is committed to curating meaningful exhibitions, events, and developing partnerships that stimulate dialogue and support creativity and cultural growth.

Our Art Collection

Our office holds one of the most important private corporate collections of Irish and international contemporary art.

Our former partners, Declan Moylan and Colman Curran, started purchasing art in the early 1990s and the Art Committee was born. Over the years the office expanded, and so has our art collection. In 2006 we relocated to a large modern open plan office on Barrow Street and this enhanced the Art Committee’s acquisition programme.

Part of the programme of the Art Committee is to continue to acquire contemporary art from artists living and working in Ireland and Irish artists wherever they are located and the current Art Committee has diligently worked on our acquisition programme to expand and develop the collection. The collection comprises of paintings, drawings, print, photographs, sculpture and ceramics. Our working spaces are predominantly open plan, and the display of visual works of art has helped to add a certain style and character to the building. It has allowed the firm to reflect its personality, develop its culture and to provide a beautiful ambiance and stimulating work environment for our employees and clients alike.

The collection now stands at just under 200 pieces and includes a specially commissioned Corban Walker sculpture in the building’s atrium. We also have works from artists such as Martin Healy, John Boyd, Bridget Riley, Eithne Jordan, Jane O’Malley, Geraldine O’Neill, Diana Copperwhite and Vera Klute.

Each year, we host a group of artists to exhibit recent works of contemporary art including prints, photography and sculpture . The art work is for sale, commission free, to staff and visitors to the building.

Key Initiatives

The RDS Visual Art Awards

We have been proud supporters of the RDS Visual Art Awards since 2017. The Awards are one of the most important platforms for visual art graduates in Ireland with a prize fund of €32,500.

The RDS Mason Hayes & Curran LLP Centre Culturel Irlandais Residency Award gives the winner full-time access to accommodation and studio space for three months in the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris, along with a cash prize.

Winners of the RDS Mason Hayes & Curran LLP Centre Culturel Irlandais Residency Award have included:

  • Elaine Hoey (2017)
  • Elaine Grainger (2018)
  • Louise Wallace (2019)
  • Nadia Armstrong (2020)
  • Vanessa Jones (2021)
  • Myfanwy Frost-Jones (2022)
  • Christopher McMullan (2023)

The Gift of Art

In 2016, we commenced the tradition of commissioning a series of art prints from a professional print maker, associated with the Graphic Studio Gallery. This special commission provides the opportunity to create unique and meaningful artwork and support talented printmakers. By supporting local artists we not only contribute to the growth and success of the commissioned printmaker, but it also permits us to gift a personalised and valued piece of art.

Acquisitions and Commissions

A vital part of the work of the Art Committee is acquisitions and commissions. We work directly with artists and their representative galleries. We also seek out opportunities to continue to support and profile artists who have been winners of the RDS VAA prize sponsored by the firm. The most recent commission is a painting by former RDS VAA winner Vanessa Jones which we hope to add to our collection before the end of 2023. Direct art commissions give us an opportunity to secure works for art which not only enhance our collection but also serve as a testament to the ongoing collaboration between our organisation and local artists.

Art Internship

In 2023, we had our first pilot art intern programme. The programme provides an opportunity for art students to gain experience and exposure to a contemporary art collection, working in a corporate environment, and exposure to and the chance to build a professional network through our connections and partners within the art community.

Our art internship encompasses a wide variety of projects and engagements with other industry professionals, giving interns the chance to develop their skills, and culminates in curating their own art exhibition. The Art Intern programme allows the interns to benefit from mentorship and guidance from our experienced staff, and to gain valuable insights into the connections between the artistic sector and the corporate world.

In the Frame Series

Explore our collection through the eyes of colleagues and guests with this series. Our employees choose their favourite piece and reflect on why it resonates with them:

MHC Culture Club

The MHC Culture Club is an inclusive initiative open to all employees, aimed at promoting engagement with Ireland’s vibrant cultural landscape. By organising visits to art exhibition previews held throughout Dublin, members can expand their knowledge and understanding of contemporary art and share their experiences and opinions with colleagues.