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We are fortunate to have one of the most important corporate art collections of Irish and International contemporary art in Dublin. Included in the collection is 'Barrow Street 2006' by Corban Walker.

Managing Partner, Declan Black, has chosen this piece as his favourite from our collection and he explains why:

"To me, this piece anchors MHC to South Bank House. It was specially commissioned by the firm as part of the development of South Bank House and it was here when we arrived in 2006. In retrospect, that's when the firm really started to grow and this piece has been there, at the centre of things, since then. It has seen a lot: visiting Taoisigh, MHC in group song, circus performers, monthly drinks and many whispered conversations. My favourite time to observe the piece is at the children's Christmas party where the younger partygoers like to run in and out of it and play with the mirrored surfaces.

It has an interesting back story too. The artist, Corban Walker, has dwarfism and his work often focuses on perceptions of height and scale. When it was first commissioned for the firm, it had many more towers than the final piece that's there now. However, each planned tower added to the proposed final cost which was then way in excess of the budget. Happily, Corban agreed to reduce the number of towers, the budget was saved and the ability to walk through the piece that we have now, ensued."

Support of the visual arts is a large part of our CSR strategy and we are a long-time supporter of "Business to Arts", whose aim is to broker, enable and support creative partnerships between business and the arts.

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