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As part of our annual WOW Month, we hear from some of our colleagues on their top tips for fitness and wellbeing. This week, Barbara Barrett, Reception Supervisor, tells us why gardening brings her so much joy.

How did you becoming interested in gardening?

I got into gardening because of my Granny, she was an avid gardener and would spend many a happy hour pottering and

planting to create a beautiful sanctuary. I still have some of her old plants in my garden which are lovely memories of her to have.

What are the benefits to gardening?

  • It can reduce stress
  • It can assist in confidence building, after spending many hours planting and digging. It always feels good to see what you have accomplished!
  • It is also a good form of exercise and can burn calories and strengthen your heart. A couple of hours can pass by so quickly while tending to your garden
  • It can bring joy and happiness to your life, and is like another room to host family and friends in.
  • Growing your own vegetables and produce can offer you a much healthier diet.
  • Working with your soil can produce a very therapeutic experience and allows you to be in touch with nature.


First don't be afraid! No plant is unworthy of growing.

Plan in your mind what kind of effect do you want to have in your garden, being mindful of the form, structure and potential view or vista. Keep in mind placement of sheds or clothes lines! Most important is where does the sun set and rise in your garden, and shady parts as some plants are not happy in shade and others thrive. Do you want a colour theme, and do you want to have scented flowers that will tantalise you and draw you in. Always good too when starting from scratch to test your soil! Good tip when planting, is to think about succession planting, which is the practice of planting blooms that will bloom in succession. So as soon as one bloom is finishing you will have another one that is ready to bloom. This way you will always have colour and life in your garden. Most of all have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labour and don't be shy about being bold and daring. Enjoy!

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