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As part of our WOW Month, we hear from some of our colleagues on their top tips for fitness and wellbeing. This week, Corporate Partner Cara Cooke and former Mayo player, tells us what she enjoys most from fitness and some tips for beginners.

What do you enjoy most about fitness?

The two things I enjoy the most are:

  1. to quote our esteemed colleague Elle Woods, "exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy"; and
  2. the pals you make along the way.

How does your day start?

I am a night owl. While I can do early mornings, when the occasion calls for it, my natural clock is heavily reliant on my alarm clock. So, the morning usually starts with some house or rock music, to help me start the day.

Tips for beginners? How to get started?

I am no expert. So, please take my tips for beginners with a pinch of salt.

My tips (all easier said than done) are:

  1. progress, and not perfection, should be the goal;
  2. start with small, achievable goals and build incrementally from there;
  3. don't forget to reward yourself for being disciplined; and
  4. try a group activity, if you struggle with self-motivation.

How do you motivate yourself to stay on track with your wellness?

Last year was very busy for our team. To keep my personal wellness in the forefront of my mind, I invested in a Fitbit to help me keep track my activity and sleep. I find this really helpful for holding myself accountable.

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