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Partner Wendy Hederman was interviewed by the Irish Examiner on the impact of the Digital Services Act (DSA) on the technology sector.

Most of the provisions of the DSA come into force on 17 February 2024. However, for entities designated as very large online platforms (VLOPs) and very large online search engines (VLOSEs), the rules came into force within four months of their designation. This means that those VLOPs/VLOSEs already designated were required to comply with the DSA by 25 August 2023.

Wendy commented: “The fact is there are thousands more online platforms for whom the DSA takes effect next February and what is happening in the last month and what will happen through to the end of the year for very large online platforms (Vlops) is actually a really good learning time for the other platforms.”

Read the full article on the Irish Examiner or contact a member of our technology team for further information on the DSA. You may also be interested in attending our upcoming seminar: Digital Services Act – Key Learnings & Predictions.

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