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Thank you for your support of the firm in this extraordinary year. Much has changed in many of our lives but Christmas brings reasons to be optimistic.

This year we learned that we could do big deals, fight big cases, navigate complex regulatory issues and provide normal service for clients without using offices and without in-person meetings. It just shows that what counts is the calibre of the advice and service given, and not the tools we customarily use to deliver it. We hope we have delivered well for you.

Of course, the professional service sector is fortunate. While business suffered, particularly in the second quarter, the impact will be negligible compared with the devastation suffered by the in-person economy. However, what matters for both is the ability to be resilient until there is positive change. Now we can see that positive change with the impending vaccine roll outs and the business confidence that is bringing.

We also have the opportunity to 'build back better'. So the good things we learned, like having less environmental impact and promoting flexible working practices, should stand to us in 2021 and beyond. More broadly, the requirement to act together as citizens and countries should hopefully underscore for politicians that cooperation will always triumph over conflict.

We will have a quieter Christmas than usual but it need be no less special for that. Hopefully there will be ample time next year to make up for lost personal contact. We look forward to being of service to you in 2021.

Declan Black

Managing Partner

You can find out more about our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility and ongoing initiatives here

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