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Emer Shelly standing with Eoin Cassidy and Jay Sattin
L-R: Emer Shelly, Eoin Cassidy, Jay Sattin

Reflecting the ongoing growth of our ESG practice, we are delighted to announce the appointment of two new partners: Emer Shelly and Jay Sattin.

Emer Shelly is a corporate governance lawyer who helps clients to navigate the evolving legal and regulatory landscape relating to ESG and corporate sustainability, with a particular focus on governance issues. Emer has extensive experience in advising clients on company law and corporate governance matters. Her expertise includes the design and implementation of governance structures that help client companies and their boards of directors to ensure that relevant risks are identified and mitigated, and applicable laws and regulations are complied with.

Jay Sattin specialises in planning, environmental, health & safety and sustainability law. He possesses unique technical experience in the area of sustainability, having worked as a sustainability consultant before moving into law. Jay is known for his deep expertise in the areas of ESG and the circular economy. His combination of local and international experience is highly valued by clients.

Eoin Cassidy, Partner and Head of the Energy Sector team, said: The focus on environmental, social and governance issues has never been more critical. These appointments further strengthen our depth and breadth of expertise in the market, ensuring we continue to provide unparalleled advice and service to our broad client base in helping them to achieve their ESG goals.”

Emer Shelly commented: “We are proud to be a pre-eminent advisor on ESG issues across all sectors of the economy. The sustainability landscape is rapidly evolving and my focus continues to be on supporting clients to achieve their corporate governance and wider ESG goals, whilst ensuring they comply with ever-increasing legal and regulatory requirements.”

Jay Sattin added: “The three pillars of ESG – environmental, social and governance – cover a broad spectrum of areas that are strategically important both to the firm and to our clients. Whether it’s facilitating the transition to the circular economy or advising on planning or environmental law, I look forward to continuing to help clients to navigate this changing landscape.

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