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We hosted a webinar on Tuesday 22 June at 2.00pm looking at the regulations that retailers and wholesalers need to be aware of when selling any equipment that uses the radio spectrum, such as WI-FI or bluetooth enabled devices.

At the webinar, our speakers discussed what radio equipment is and the current legal framework, including the Radio Equipment Directive as well as the "Blue Guide" on the implementation of EU product rules and other legal requirements. They also examined the Public Liability Directive and the EU Statutory Liability Regime.


  • Frank Flanagan, Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP
  • Wendy Hederman, Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP
  • Aisling Morrough, Senior Associate, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP
  • Tara Kavanagh, Senior Manager, Spectrum Operations, The Commission for Communications Regulation

To watch the webinar recording, please click below.

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