Webinar: Crisis Management for Third Level Colleges

Event Date: 30 March 2021

We hosted a webinar discussing Crisis Management for Third Level Colleges on Tuesday 30 March.

In a crisis, University and Third Level College senior staff members are often called upon, at short notice, to assist with the college’s response. Some students are making serious public allegations against staff or other students; there has been a serious data breach in your College; you are being attacked on social media; and the media are waiting for a statement! Have you given any thought to how you and your college would handle such a crisis? Our expert speakers presented case studies and provided guidance on how best to prepare for and manage a crisis in your college.

Ian O'Herlihy, Head of Education, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP
Paul Rochford, Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP

Edel Kennedy, Senior Associate, Education Law, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP
Eoghan Tomás McDermott, Managing Director, The Communications Clinic

To view the webinar, please click below.

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