Webinar: Climate Change Litigation - Trends and Outlook

Event Date: 06 July 2021

We hosted a webinar on Tuesday 6 July at 11am looking at litigation related to climate change issues. Climate change litigation refers to disputes used by individuals and groups to hold governmental bodies, regulators, and other organisations to account for climate change, and to bring about policy changes to improve sustainability.

At this webinar, our speakers looked at the trends emerging both in Ireland and globally, as well as what these trends may mean for Government and other organisations.


This session was chaired by Eoin Cassidy, Partner, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP

To view this webinar, please click the video below.

Disclaimer: The contents of this video are to assist access to information and do not constitute legal or other advice. Specific advice should be sought in relation to specific cases. If you would like more information on this topic, please contact

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