Social Pillar ESG

Social Pillar: The term Irish employers need to get familiar with now. Why ESG obligations require employers to be proactive and go beyond policies on a shelf.

In our experience as employment lawyers, we have seen how ESG impacts all organisations at all levels.

The social pillar of ESG prioritizes and promotes equality and fairness in the workplace. It places greater obligations on employers and requires meaningful implementation of equality and fairness in the workplace.

Our team has direct experience in advising employers on a range of existing compliance obligations for example Whistleblowing policies, health and safety requirements and Gender Pay Gap reporting, which currently fall under ESG.

ESG applies to all day to day activities from recruitment to training and from promotion to pay practices.

Employers must take proactive steps to ensure all existing policies are compliant.

Services we provide that may be relevant to you are:

  • Workplace Policies
  • Gender Pay Gap Hub
  • Whistleblowing training for corporations
  • Diversity and Inclusion plans
  • Health and Safety assessments
  • Employment Equality litigation