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Ronnie Neville, Employment Law Partner, was interviewed by The Irish Times on the practices of severance payments and confidentiality clauses in Irish business.

The article stems from the political fallout and public scrutiny that surrounds RTÉ exit packages and their disclosure.

Ronnie’s expertise sheds light on the rationale behind severance payments and confidentiality clauses, which he highlights are par for the course in Ireland's corporate landscape.

He commented: “Employees of all levels have very strong protection against unfair dismissal after one year and so, if an employer would prefer to secure a speedy, amicable exit, it is not unusual to pay an ex gratia severance payment, in exchange for which the employee exits by agreement, with a waiver of all claims, in particular, unfair dismissal.”

He added that a single clause in the agreement providing for non-disclosure of its terms is usually reciprocal between the parties.

Read the full article on The Irish Times (behind paywall). For more information and expert advice on employment matters impacting your organisation, contact a member of our Employment Law & Benefits team.

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