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Text on blue background: RTE Podcast Series, Hot Mess. Renewable energy illustration to the right featuring wind farms and solar panels.

As Ireland’s leading law firm in the renewable energy sector, we are pleased to once again sponsor RTÉ’s energy and climate action podcast, Hot Mess.

Hosted by Philip Boucher-Hayes, the first episode of this six-part series will be released on Wednesday, 19 June. New episodes will be available every Wednesday morning and will also air on RTÉ Radio 1 every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm. The final episode will air on 24 July.

The series will delve into some of the most critical issues on Ireland's climate action agenda. Topics will include:

  • The factors behind this year’s nine months of continuous rain
  • Varying flood defence strategies in Ireland
  • The debate over climate protest tactics
  • The controversial role of geo-engineering in decarbonisation
  • Psychological barriers to climate action, and
  • The potential impacts of climate change on Ireland by the end of the century

Tune in to Hot Mess wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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