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We are partnering with IE Law School in Madrid for a module on Sustainability in the Built Environment.

As part of the Global Challenges course at IE Law School in Madrid, students of Politics, Law and Economics are learning how to address complex climate change challenges through design and innovation. Over the course of three 3 months, students have the unique opportunity to simulate a consultant/partner relationship with Paul Bassett, Partner in our Construction team.

During the course students are pushed out of their comfort zone on multiple levels by

  • engaging with these climate challenges,
  • working in diverse teams,
  • and experimenting with new tech platforms for innovation.

They were first briefed on the sustainability challenges experienced in the industry with a “kick-off” session with Paul. This helped students to understand the complexities of the environment that surround different stakeholders and businesses. Right from the start, they rolled up their sleeves and dealt directly with people on their innovation journey using methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup to channel learning and progress during the project. After some sessions of presentation techniques, the teams will have to present their project to a jury of industry professionals.

Having Paul be part of this challenge has been a fantastic experience for the students! Not only does his feedback help them to refine and iterate their work, but it also creates a unique moment for them to empathise with the real-world work of industry professionals and understand the practical application of ESG.” - Laura McDermott, Head of the Global Challenges course and Founder of Colectivo.

Having the constant guidance of Mr. Paul Bassett together with Professor Laura McDermott has enhanced our research process to later develop feasible and targeted solutions that can be easily replicated for firms that must comply with social requisites when developing their projects. Overall, this has been an amazing opportunity to experience how design and systems thinking is implemented to real-life issues.” - Ana Maria Martinez, student of the Global Challenges course.

Learn more about the course and about IE Law School.

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