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​In the next interview from our MHC Life series, we chat with new business development manager for the US west coast office, Nicola Brody. Nicola gives us an insight into her role in the San Francisco office and her obsession with Mary Robinson.

What inspired you to venture on this career path/why did you choose Law?

A childhood Mary Robinson obsession was probably my initial inspiration to pursue a career as a lawyer. Despite realising early on that the Irish Presidency was unlikely to feature on my CV, my legal aspirations survived. I think this was because I really enjoy the fundamentals of legal work: problem solving, working with people and sharp office-wear. On paper my new business development role is quite different from legal practice. In reality, I actually still use a lot of the same skills and do a lot of the same things I loved doing as a solicitor.

What was your journey to MHC?

I started off in legal research, working with the Legal Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Northern Ireland Law Commission. I then worked as a paralegal with Allen & Overy, before training and qualifying as a solicitor at another Irish law firm. The timing of my move to California last year was fortuitous as MHC was looking for someone based here to do the west coast business development job.

Favourite thing about your role?

I love how varied the job is and that it involves meeting new people all the time. I think my favourite thing though is learning about areas of law that I’ve never been involved with before. The role requires me to have an understanding of a broad range of sectors and disciplines. The learning curve in the role is quite steep but I’m really enjoying developing this macro view. It’s also really interesting to see how differently business is done in the States.

What sports/hobbies/pastimes do you enjoy?

My favourite exercise is running. I never seem to get much faster but I always feel brilliant after I’ve been for a jog.

When I first moved here, I got a puppy called Betty. She is amazing and I love going out hiking (or walking as we Irish call it) on the beach or up in the hills with her.

I’m also trying my hand at some very Californian pastimes like surfing, paddle-boarding and pilates. I definitely don’t look like a Californian when I’m doing any of them but I’m enjoying it all nonetheless.

If I wasn’t in in Law, I would be........

…a war correspondent. I always remember watching Kate Adie on the BBC News when I was growing up and thinking it looked like a really important job. Unfortunately, I’m not great with loud noises, so it was never going to be a practical choice!

What's your idea of a perfect holiday/favourite place you've ever visited?

I’m not one for sitting on a beach. My ideal holiday would involve being outside and being busy. Wine-drinking would also feature prominently.

The Mourne Mountains are my favourite place in the world. I do like to travel though and my favourite destination to date would probably be Sri Lanka.

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