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Tell us a bit about you and your career journey to MHC – what inspired you to get into this career?

When it came to putting down CAO college options, like most 18-year old’s I was really unsure. There were certain subjects I showed more of a flair for than others, but again I found it difficult to match up my current interests with a potential career. After my Leaving Cert I visited my aunt in London who practices as a Barrister there. After coaxing me along to one or two of her cases I formed an interest very quickly and decided to put law down as one of my top choices. Upon completion of my second year in college the opportunity arose to apply for the placement programme offered to students in my University at the time. I completed a year in MHC as part of the programme, which I found to be extremely helpful in solidifying my career choice. I went on to complete the summer internship and started as a pre-trainee in Summer 2021.

Which sector do you work in?

I am currently completing my first seat in the Charities Department here in MHC. The work is quite different to what I have done before but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and it is great to see how we assist the charities we work with so they can focus solely on the valuable services they provide. The charities sector relies heavily on the public’s trust and confidence and as such maintaining compliance with the law is essential to ensure that this trust is only strengthened. I have learnt a lot during my time here and I have found it extremely rewarding so far.

Talk us through a typical day for you

I love to cook so I always get up that little bit earlier to make a hearty breakfast. After the last two years of pandemic I have enjoyed coming back in to the office, so I come in as much as I can. I would start work just before 9 and I would rarely know what my day will consist of as the team are great for getting me involved and they rarely miss a learning opportunity. I would usually join the rest of the trainees in the canteen for some lunch and a stroll around the office. After I finish up for the day, I love heading to the gym to relax, or if I amn’t feeling up to the gym I take our beloved daschund Buster for an evening stroll.

I would always have a book on the go but lately I have started listening to podcasts when I am settling in for the evening. I am currently listening to ‘The Missing Crypto-Queen’, which is a great one if you are a fan of a good mystery…

What's your idea of a perfect holiday/favourite place you've ever visited?

After finishing my degree, myself and a couple of friends decided to travel to South-East Asia for a couple of weeks, before we started our various jobs or further studies. We started off in Phnom Penh in Cambodia before moving on to Siem Reap and then to Chang Mai to start our Thailand adventures. I thoroughly enjoyed my brief time in Cambodia due to the fact it has come through so much and still to this day remains a beautiful country with the most amazing people. Although it was tough to learn about the Country’s tragic past, their resilience was inspiring, and I would really love to return to explore more of it.

What sports/hobbies/pastimes do you enjoy?

I am a massive fan of music and have been since I was younger. I started playing the violin at a young age and went on to take up singing as well. I did grades for both which consisted of mostly classical music which I enjoyed but I really loved learning folk and Irish Traditional music as well.

I also enjoy hiking and any opportunity to get outdoors. I love the sense of achievement you get after completing a difficult climb and the great views at the top of course. I recently finally made it to the top of Croagh Patrick (after many failed attempts) and headed over to Sligo to climb Knocknarea where the views are just fantastic.

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