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This week in our MHC Life Series, we speak to Eva Griskene, Head of Helpdesk in our IT team. Eva tells us about her journey to IT, what brought her to work in a law firm, and lessons she's learned along the way.

Tell us a bit about you and your career journey to MHC – what inspired you to get into this career?

During my last school years, I always dreamt of getting into the Military Academy. Strict routine, physical activity, constant focus – that seemed like a great lifestyle in my teenage years! However, instead I started studying IT in Klaipeda's University in Lithuania. I always knew I would like to move to another country, but I never wanted to actually work in IT sector. One thing led to another and my knowledge brought me to work in IT shortly after finishing the studies. A couple of years into that I fully realised that this is my path. I also got very much into the TV show "Suits". So, when an opportunity in MHC arose – I was very eager to do my best and catch it! Not only to learn new skills in a different sector, but also to see if "Suits" is anything like real life. Now, almost 7 years into my MHC life, I can say – it isn't!

Favourite thing about your role?

Hands down – communication with people and diversity! Every day brings something new which I love about my job. Being a Head of IT Helpdesk in MHC gives me an opportunity to communicate daily with all MHC members, ensure their technical needs are met and problems solved in a timely manner, teaches me teamwork, leadership, team management skills as without IT Hepldesk Team I would be standing there by myself. I am also responsible for IT Training which brings me to provide IT Induction training and prepare various tailor-made IT training programmes for people working in different levels within MHC. I get to meet pretty much everybody and it's fantastic for such an extrovert like me! Additionally, while it might sound strange, I do like the stress that comes out of situations where pressure and urgency is involved. I guess the part of me that wanted to get into the Military Academy is still there many years later.

Talk us through a typical day for you

As we are very lucky to have an opportunity of a hybrid working, my typical working day looks a bit different whether it's WFH or office cover. WFH involves a joyful long early morning dog walk on the outskirts of Dublin enjoying the views of the Malahide beach, Lambay Island and the lovely park of Paddy's hill. Then back home, much needed coffee and at the desk until lunch time to make sure all IT Helpdesk queries are solved within a prompt and professional manner. After lunch it's the similar routine again with lots of communication via emails and phone. The day in the office can be really anything from arising projects, unexpected technical challenges to equipment setup and providing tailor made training to requesting staff. And if there happens to be a team member​'sbirthday – always a nice slice of cake to enjoy the celebrations!

What books have you read recently?

I just finished studying an MSc in TU Dublin, so all of my recent readings involved academic information around leadership, innovation and technology. Writing my thesis definitely came​ with a lot of interesting reads, but all of it being academic I do miss some light readings like a good drama, biography or documentary. Few years back I discovered audio books and with a membership of a library and BorrowBox app on the phone I can enjoy some "reading" while on train journey to work. The latest one that I listened to was "The Trauma Cleaner" by Sarah Krasnostein and the most recent eBook stuck in my head was "Too Scared to Tell" by Cathy Glass.

What's your idea of a perfect holiday/favourite place you've ever visited?

I like to discover new things and rarely go back to the same place for holiday as the world is so big and full of gorgeous scenery and ways to spend the time off work and life routine. Additionally, since each place I've visited was amazing in its own way – it is very hard to choose a favourite. However, if I would have to choose my perfect way for a holiday – skiing in Söll, Austria would probably be the place. Few years ago, I discovered skiing and ever since I can't stop thinking about January holiday in Söll, full of skiing, snow, great après and amazing vibe of that small town. After skiing holiday, I know that paradise doesn't have to be tropical! And after visiting Sydney in 2019 I can also say that it got my heart at a "Welcome" sign, and I would love to go back there for another holiday.​

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