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We asked Trainee Kate Noone for advice she would give to interns when preparing for their Mason Hayes & Curran interview. Kate completed her internship in 2021 and is now completing her traineeship with us.

Interviews can be daunting but it’s important not to let the pressure get to you. Like any exam or test you wouldn’t approach it completely unprepared so why should an interview be any different? For me, following a simple few tips and tricks meant that I was already a lot more at ease. Interviews are meant to put you on the spot however, and its unlikely you will be prepared for every scenario, so go easy on yourself, try your best and show that you have the capability to keep going even if you stumble on a question or two. Here are some useful tips I used when preparing for my interview here at MHC.

Research the Firm

I found that it was extremely helpful to have a solid knowledge of all areas of the firm. Of course it’s good to know things like the firm’s practice areas and relate them back to your knowledge and interests but it is also beneficial to know what else the firm has to offer that is of interest to you. I was interested in the many charitable projects undertaken by MHC Rise as I had worked with some of the organisations involved previously. Check out the firm's Expertise page for more information on our practice areas.

Think about Why you Want to Work for MHC

The firm takes pride in its trainee recruitment process. By offering the 3-week paid internship it ensures that people are a good fit for the firm and that you are also happy it is the right place for you. Therefore, it is good to know what it is that attracted you to MHC in the first place to enable your interviewers to see if you are the right fit. For me it was the collegial work atmosphere with many opportunities to learn through the experienced people around you. It is important to focus on what is important to you when it comes to a workplace and relate that back to what the firm has to offer.

Have some Questions Prepared for your Interviewers

I prepared 2 or 3 short questions for my interviewers because you also want to see whether the firm is the right fit for you, whilst also showing further interest in what the firm has to offer. These questions could be something as simple as asking what it is that they like most about working here or how has the firm shaped and propelled their career.

Most importantly... Relax

It is ok to be nervous, everyone (including your interviewers) once sat in the same situation you are in. They will understand the initial nerves, but it is important not to let them take over. Answer the questions put to you but feel free to take control of the conversation, and if there is something you don’t know, keep going. I found that attending the pre-interview networking evenings really helped on settling my nerves. Here you can chat to other candidates, trainees and potential interviewing partners or associates before the interview who are more than happy to offer you invaluable advice. It is important to remember that your interviewers want you to do well, so be confident in yourself and give it your best shot!

Head over to our Summer Intern Programme page or the Graduate Hub more information.

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