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As part of our MHC Life Series, intern Rachel Carey talks us through everything from her journey to law to fighting in a charity boxing match.

What inspired you to choose law?

Growing up, I always had an interest in the law and how it operated. At first, I thought I wanted to be a Garda but in Transition Year in Secondary School, our class were given monthly talks from people in different career areas. One talk which sparked my interest was from a solicitor who spoke about their life and career in law and detailed many interesting cases that she had worked on. After that, I was determined on a career in law.

Where did you study and why?

I studied Law in Trinity College Dublin for four years. The main reason I chose Trinity was for its Law and German course. Being from the countryside, I have always loved visiting Dublin because of how busy and exciting it was, so I was delighted when I was accepted. I really enjoyed my time at Trinity and made so many friends for life, so I am sad to see the back of it but I am looking forward to progressing in my career at the same time.

What department are you working with in MHC?

I am currently working in the Financial Services Department. It was not an area that I had much experience in previously, but I have learned so much about the regulation of investment funds in particular, and I am loving my time in this department and have enjoyed working with the team. I am excited to get a better understanding of the area.

What pastimes do you enjoy?

As a proud Tipperary woman, I enjoy playing Camogie in my spare time along with keeping fit. Since the beginning of lockdown, I have taken up yoga and running which proved to be great stress relievers during my final year. I come from a very musical family and really enjoy singing as well. I'm even a member of my local choir.

An interesting fact about me that a lot of people will not know is that I have participated in a boxing match! I did this through Trinity’s Law Society which hosted a charity boxing event to raise money for Women’s Aid. I volunteered to take part and trained for a number of weeks. Although I didn’t win, we raised a lot of money for a worthy cause, and I think the pain the next morning was worth it!

What was your first job?

I worked as an assistant in a hair salon during Transition Year. I worked on Saturdays doing everything from washing, drying, and colouring hair, to answering calls, booking appointments, and cleaning the salon. I loved my time there as I loved chatting to the customers and having a bit of independence from my parents.

Favourite quote?

My favourite quote would have to be Nelson Mandela's, “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” I think that as an intern who does not have much practical experience, it is essential to not get disheartened if you don’t know how to do a task assigned to you, or even if you do it wrong. It should be viewed as an opportunity to learn and not a failure.

What were your first impressions of MHC?

When I logged on for my first day in MHC I met a lot of the HR team, trainees and other members of the Financial Services Department. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and seemed to offer help at every opportunity. I was surprised at how friendly everyone was even with the size of the firm and how busy it is. I thought I would get lost in the crowd on my first week but the opposite happened. I was invited to attend team meetings and I got involved in lots of projects and tasks that my department were completing at the time. I felt really valued straight away.

My experience in MHC has been so positive. I have worked with all the different areas in my department and have learned so much. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful. Almost every day I receive an email from a new person inviting me to a zoom to introduce themselves and to offer help. I have been given work that I have never done before but each time, I have been talked through it and told to ask for help if I needed it.

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