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MHC Intern Life: Niamh Hickey

For the next MHC Intern Life, we talked to Niamh Hickey, who is in third year of Law and Business in Trinity College Dublin. Niamh tells us about the department she’s currently working in during her internship, and her first impressions of the firm.

What inspired you to choose law?

I get asked this question a lot and there is no one definite answer. I decided I wanted to study law, years before I was going to college. Mostly, I chose to study law because I knew nothing about it and thought at the very least it would be interesting as it is relevant to every career. I admit (shamelessly) that watching the glamour of Suits also had a factor!

Where did you study and why?

I am in third year of Law and Business in Trinity College Dublin. I remember coming to an open day in sixth year and loving everything about the campus. The idea of going to college in the middle of Dublin city was appealing to me, coming up from Galway. I am really interested in business so the opportunity to study that alongside law is fantastic. Trinity also has a fantastic global reputation, especially in law. I have loved studying here and the opportunities that have been presented to me have been amazing. I have made some of my closest friends here and even got the opportunity to study in Strasbourg for a semester.

What department are you working with at MHC?

I am working in the Construction department here. I am part of the planning and environmental team which is super interesting and very topical now. The work that I am exposed to is so different than what I have studied so far in my degree. The department deal with both contentious and non-contentious work which makes every day different and intriguing. The variation of work has been a highlight for me.

What is your favourite quote?

Níl saoi gan locht (everyone has their faults!)

What was your first impression of MHC?

My first impression was that everyone is so approachable. On my first day, I was introduced to my department, and everyone made an effort to get to know me. It is the culture of a place that welcomes you and this has made a huge difference when settling in. The firm has an open-door policy and all the people I work with contribute to that. Everyone is friendly, helpful and will answer questions, no matter how busy they are. I have experienced this first hand from my department, and I am looking forward to my last week here.

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