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For the next MHC Intern Life, we talked to Jessica Eichler, who studied Law (LLB) in Maynooth University. Jessica tells us about her first week as an intern.

My first week as an intern here has been both exciting and enjoyable. Our first day began with a kind and welcoming greeting by several partners, senior associates and trainees, as well as members of the Learning and Development team and Human Resources. Each intern is assigned a trainee buddy, a senior associate, and a mentor for their three weeks within the firm, which we met on our first day. They have been incredibly friendly and helpful to me.

We were given a comprehensive induction over the course of the first two days, which included training in IT, Health and Safety, Marketing and the Library Services available here. We were shown around the building, as well as given a tour of the impressive library.

After finishing our induction training, we were assigned to our desks and introduced to our teams within our departments. I was lucky enough to be placed in the Commercial department, with particular focus on data privacy and protection related issues. I am being given the opportunity to sit in on team meetings, which gives me great insight into the broad range of work done within the Commercial department. It is also beneficial to see and be a part of the everyday interactions of the team in the office.

In addition to the work that we will be doing within our departments, we will be completing group projects for presentation in the final week. The internship schedule is well organised so that we have allocated time slots in which we can meet and work together as a group, which I really appreciate. I am looking forward to working with my team on this project, as the subject is both topical and challenging.

We were also given talks from several newly qualified solicitors within the firm about their departments. This gave me a great insight into the work which is undertaken in other departments which I found incredibly interesting.

This week, we were also treated to a team bonding session at GoQuest where we worked in groups to complete mental, physical and skill related challenges. It was great opportunity to get to know more of the interns, whilst having fun doing so. Afterwards, the firm generously treated us to dinner and drinks at Paulie’s Pizza, where several mentors and trainees joined us.

Overall, my first week at here has been highly enjoyable and I look forward to the weeks to come.

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