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For the next MHC Intern Life, we talked to Emily Greene, who graduated from University of Groningen, Netherlands in International and European Law. Emily tells us about her first impression of us, why she chose law and the department she’s currently working in during her internship.

What inspired you to choose law?

I was interested in law from a young age. In Transition Year in secondary school I was lucky enough to do work experience in a corporate law firm as well as in the Courts Services to see whether I would enjoy working in the field. I found both experiences extremely interesting and fulfilling and this solidified my intentions to study and pursue a career in law.

Where did you study and why?

I studied International and European Law in the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. I chose to study here for two reasons. Firstly, I knew I wanted to specialise in this field of law, but Irish colleges were only offering international and European law courses at a masters level. Secondly, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone by moving to a new country rather than staying in Dublin where I had lived my whole life. I enjoyed my time in the Netherlands immensely and had great experiences I’ll never forget. I would recommend studying there to anyone with an interest in international law.

What department are you working with at MHC?

I am currently working in the Real Estate department. Everyone on the team has been so welcoming and open to answering any questions I have. I have learned a lot about commercial leases in particular, an area I previously didn’t have much understanding of. Seeing how the law works in practise, in real time has been very interesting and rewarding.

What is your favourite quote?

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” – Albert Einstein.

This quote has been great to keep in mind throughout my time as an intern. This type of work is all new to me, but it was new to everyone at some point. The people in my department have been very kind when it comes to giving me guidance or feedback on my work. I wasn’t made to feel bad if I missed anything or got something wrong, instead they explained to me what needed to be changed and I was able to improve for the next time.

What was your first impression of MHC?

When I arrived for my first day as an intern I didn’t know what to expect, but any nerves I had were quickly put to rest. Everyone I met was very friendly and encouraging, I felt very welcomed. The open plan office layout made it very easy to meet everyone and ask questions about any work I was given. I was very impressed by the culture in the firm and the emphasis they place on collaboration and openness. Everyone was very approachable, even the most senior partners. I quickly felt like part of the team.

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