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For the next MHC Intern Life in our series, we talked to Elizabeth Brassil. Elizabeth just finished the Masters in Common Law (MCL) in UCD and is an intern in our July intake. We asked her to describe her third week as an intern here.

By week three of the internship, I was completely settled into life as an intern of the Charities team. Throughout the week I worked on tasks that were designated by my trainee buddy. This work consisted of writing a newsletter to summarise the news in the charity sector, as well as reviewing client matters to check for new correspondence.

On Monday, I had a feedback session with the Corporate Knowledge solicitor, Mairead. She provided me with some very valuable insights that I wish I had during my degree! Following this, I had a call with the Partner and Associate on my team. I was given tasks to complete for a client matter, such as amending a company constitution. I spent a couple of days working away on this, and then I sent on my first draft for review. During lunch, we had a briefing session, which is when NQs from different departments chat about their work. It would be rude not to mention the sandwiches and carrot cake that are brought to us during these briefings – a Mason Hayes & Curran delicacy. After this specific briefing lunch, energy was high. Our group projects were due in the next day, so there was a flurry of activity to get them sent in.

The department I work in was welcoming a new member of staff, so Tuesday brought with it a delicious meal of fish and chips and a good chat. I spent the rest of the day doing department work. A big task I had to complete was to write an advisory briefing note with the Senior Associate. I loved this work because I had to throw myself into it. There is also something very cool about seeing the work I have done being sent to clients after they were reviewed.

The end of the week was busy and fun. We spent a lot of time preparing and practicing for the group presentations, which were on Thursday. Since I did not do presentations during the pandemic, my public speaking skills were a bit rusty, so I welcomed the practice sessions.

To finish up the internship, we were brought for a delicious meal in Angelina’s and for drinks after work to celebrate. The last three weeks flew by, but I can happily say every minute was filled with interesting work and new friendships.

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