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As part of our MHC Intern Life series, Caitríona Nic Bhloscaidh tells us why she got into law and some of the pastimes she enjoys.

Talk us through a typical day for you when you were an intern & now as a trainee

A typical day for me as an intern started with a chat with my trainee buddy – one of the great things about the MHC intern programme was that each intern is paired with a trainee to guide them along the way. I was placed in Commercial for my internship so I had the opportunity to assist with lots of research, attend offsite client meetings, take notes during conference calls and draft memos, spreadsheets and submissions for the tech law blog. The various teams in the department were really welcoming and everyone was eager to get me involved. Three years later and I returned to MHC as a trainee – it’s difficult to describe a typical day as a trainee, and that’s a great thing to be able to say because it’s due to the work being so varied! My rotations have primarily been in transaction based departments (corporate, banking, real estate) so I typically spend my days drafting and reviewing transaction documents, attending meetings and conference calls, preparing for and assisting with closings, etc. It’s always exciting to work on a big transaction from beginning to closing, especially when you spot the completed deal in the newspapers in the following days and know you were a part of it!

What inspired you to venture on this career path / why did you choose law?

When I was in fifth year I completed a Criminology summer course in CTYI in DCU and I was fascinated by this subject – I was brought to the Criminal Courts of Justice and I was taught about key legal principles and landmark criminal law cases. I had the opportunity to present a case in a mock court trial in DCU. I decided immediately that I wanted to become a criminal barrister, which I often laugh at in hindsight as I have been exposed to so many other areas of law since then and my interests have changed and developed drastically! In college I had a keen interest in Company law, and it was that interest that inspired me to complete an LLM in Business Law and pursue a career where I would be exposed to corporate law work.

Where did you study and why?

I studied Law and Irish in UCC and absolutely loved it. I chose UCC as I knew it was renowned for both its Law Department and its Irish Language department, and it was the only university offering a joint degree in both subjects. Although I had lectures with the larger groups of law students, I also had modules which were tailored especially for the Law and Irish group, which was fantastic as there was only 7 of us! I was also attracted to this degree due to its study abroad option – I spent a semester in Montana attending law school, working in the federal court and teaching Irish in the University, which was a once in a lifetime experience. I even channeled my inner Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh and commentated for the hurling team out there. Overall, I had an amazing four years studying in UCC, so much so that I stayed on for a fifth year to complete a Masters degree.

Favourite quote?

“Siúil do bhóthar, scríobh do scéal, sín amach do sciathán, oscail do bhéal!” ("Walk your own path, write your own story, spread your wing and speak your mind"). Great quote to live by.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

It may be a stretch to call them famous, but I was invited to attend the GAA All-Stars last year with MHC so I met a lot of the GAA players on both the Kerry and Dublin teams. Safe to say I was starstruck! I also met Bill Clinton at an awards ceremony which was cool!

What sports/hobbies/pastimes do you enjoy?

I love watching and playing GAA, playing piano and have recently taken up the concertina which I really enjoy as I am a big fan of traditional music. Lockdown also reminded me how much I love doing simple things like reading, baking and getting out for long walks. I also love swimming and find it a lovely way to unwind after a day’s work in the office – I would say it’s a great way to get exercise but I personally spend most of the time in the jacuzzi!

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