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For the next MHC Intern Life we talk to Blake Stephens, who graduated last year from Law and Political Science at Trinity College Dublin. Blake tells us about the department he's working in and his first impressions of the firm.

What inspired you to choose law?

Growing up in a newly democratic South Africa, I witnessed first hand how foundational law was in modifying and shaping the lives all-round. This was only brought into further relevance for me when I was introduced to the impactful philosophy of Ubuntu. This can be roughly translated from IsiXhosa as ‘I am because we are’. To me, this highlighted that any success I have achieved has been shaped and directed by the influential actions of those around me. Therefore, I owe it to my community to empower them in the same way they have empowered me. Having seen the power of the law to change society, I felt it was imperative to get involved in this field.

Where did you study and why?

I studied law and political science at Trinity College Dublin. I felt that to truly understand how to influence and modify society’s progression, with the overall intention of fostering increased co-operation throughout society, it was necessary to engage with both law and political science as the social foundations of contemporary society.

What department are you working with at MHC?

I am working in the Medical Law department, which is an experience I am loving and would highly recommend to any potential applicants. The work within the department is incredibly varied and changes drastically from litigation to advisory from one day to the next. This makes for a really interesting day!

What is your favourite quote?

‘The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.’ - Nelson Mandela.

What was your first impression of MHC?

It’s impossible not to be impressed by the understanding, approachable and friendly nature here. The culture thrives on a collaborative spirit that is tangible even when walking through the building for the first time. From the first day all the interns have felt supported and guided by our departments in a meaningful way with each colleague endeavouring to include the interns as much as possible on their day-to-day work. Even from a student perspective the approachability of the firm is patently apparent through their convenient internship application process which truly demonstrates that the firm understands student’s needs and wants to help the prospective applicant as much as possible.

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