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We are committed to employee well-being, inclusion and equity. 63% of our firm is female, so on World Menopause Day we are pleased to launch our comprehensive menopause policy.

The policy includes several progressive measures, such as the potential for up to five days’ paid menopause leave, flexible working arrangements, additional rest breaks, and specific adjustments to work allocation or environment, subject to individual needs.

Gerard Kelly, Partner and Chair of the our Diversity Committee, commented: “We acknowledge the unique challenges the menopause transition can present. Our initiative is not just about adjustments within the workplace; it's about changing the dialogue around menopause, promoting understanding, and reaffirming our commitment to the health and well-being of every team member. The policy also reflects our recognition of the diversity of experiences around menopause, including its impact on trans and non-binary people.”

Alongside the new policy, the firm has appointed "menopause champions" who have undergone specialised training to provide guidance and support to fellow employees. The policy extends beyond those experiencing menopause first-hand, encouraging partners and team members affected by it to seek the support they need.

Kimberley Brown, a member of the Diversity Committee and a menopause champion at the firm, added: “Our menopause policy is more than a set of guidelines; it's a step toward a more empathetic and supportive corporate culture, acknowledging the human side of business and leading by example in the broader industry landscape.”

Learn more about our vision around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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