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Woman standing beside painting from art collection

We are fortunate to have one of the most important corporate art collections of Irish and International contemporary art in Dublin. Included in the collection is "Untitled 2017" by Gillian Lawler.

Marie Kelly, an Art Intern, has chosen this piece as her favourite from our collection and she explains why:

"There’s a haunting quality to Kildare-born artist Gillian Lawler’s work, which I find intriguing. This piece, simply called Untitled, has both an unsettling and calming effect, and it’s this disquieting duality that brings me back to the work over and again. Lawler’s use of colour is subtle, yet purposeful, and her ability to elicit meaning from tone and texture is masterful. The artist’s abstract perspective feels enlightening rather than enigmatic.

There’s an understatement to this work too, which I admire. Like her use of colour, Lawler’s mark-making is measured, yet its depth and impact is considerable. She builds narrative from what is not visible on the canvas as much as what is."

Support of visual arts is a core part of our CSR strategy. Our office holds one of the most important private corporate collections of Irish and international contemporary art. The collection now stands at almost 200 pieces and includes a specially commissioned Corban Walker sculpture in the building’s atrium.

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