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Woman standing beside painting

We are fortunate to have one of the most important corporate art collections of Irish and International contemporary art in Dublin. Included in the collection is "Mia" by Stephen Doyle.

Katie Buckley, an Art Intern, has chosen this piece as her favourite from our collection and she explains why:

"Stephen Doyle is a very exciting contemporary artist who aims to break the mould in his artistic practice. This is evidenced by Doyle’s work Dylan is ainm dom (2018) becoming the first artwork in the national collection to openly discuss queer and trans identity. This painting, Mia, is part of a nine part series of figurative paintings which intend to show the human body as it is, in its most rudimentary form, absent of consigned gender norms.

Mia is my favourite painting in the collection because I think it is not only visually interesting and impressive, but it also tackles very important and urgent subject matters. The colour palette of browns and greens used in the figures' clothing directly relate to the spectrum of colours most identified with Ireland and its landscape. The figure is dressed in loose patterned clothing that would typically be viewed as feminine attire. In this vein, the painting prompts the viewer to question the common binary standards of gender expression."

Support of visual arts is a core part of our CSR strategy. Our office holds one of the most important private corporate collections of Irish and international contemporary art. The collection now stands at almost 200 pieces and includes a specially commissioned Corban Walker sculpture in the building’s atrium.

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