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We asked June intern Lizett Polli to share some advice for our future interns. Lizett just finished a BCL in Unviersity College Dublin and will be going back in September for a LLM in Eurpoean Law and Governance.

Embarking on an internship here is an exciting and rewarding opportunity that will undoubtedly contribute significantly to your professional growth. To help you make the most out of this experience, here are some invaluable tips that I wish I had known before starting my internship. These insights will ease your transition, help you adapt quickly, and ensure you make a positive impression from day one.

One crucial piece of advice for making the most out of your internship at Mason Hayes & Curran is to actively push yourself into the mix, both professionally and socially. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but it's essential to get out of your comfort zone. Here’s how you can do it:

Settle In and Embrace the Environment

Your first day might be nerve-wracking but remember that everyone is there to support you. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere at the firm will help you feel at ease quickly. Arrive early to give yourself ample time to settle in. You’ll likely start with a brief orientation, where you'll receive important information about the company, your role, and the workspace. Take advantage of the open-plan workspace to interact with and learn from the diverse team around you, such as your mentors, buddies, and colleagues.

Dress Code and Professional Attire

First impressions matter and dressing appropriately is crucial. The firm maintains a business casual dress code. This means you should opt for neat, professional clothing that is comfortable yet presentable. Think slacks, blouses, button-down shirts, and closed-toe shoes. Avoid overly casual attire like jeans, runners, and t-shirts unless specified for casual Fridays or special events. It's always better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed, especially in the initial days. It is also a good idea to leave some court appropriate attire at your desk in case you’re invited to attend a hearing.

Be Unapologetically Social

One crucial aspect of a successful internship is integrating into the team and taking part in all the social and sports events the firm has to offer. It’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone and actively participate - don't wait for others to include you in conversations or activities. Whether it's a casual chat during coffee breaks or participating in team-building activities like tag rugby, make an effort to join in. These activities are great opportunities to bond with your colleagues in a relaxed environment and show your team spirit. A proactive approach will help you build relationships and integrate more quickly into the team, which will significantly enhance your internship experience. Remember, everyone is there to learn and grow, just like you.

Show Initiative

An internship is not just about following instructions; it’s also about demonstrating your ability to take initiative. If you see an area where you can contribute or have ideas that could benefit the team, don't hesitate to speak up. Imposter syndrome is common among new interns, but remember, the firm chose you for a reason. The firm offers extensive library and research resources, so don't hesitate to use them if you’re feeling a bit lost. Being curious and asking questions will enrich your learning experience and help you grow professionally. This attitude will set you apart and leave a lasting impression on your supervisors.

Set Goals and Seek Feedback

From the beginning, set clear goals for what you want to achieve during your internship. Whether it's gaining specific skills, completing a particular project, or networking with professionals in your field, having objectives will keep you focused and motivated. Regularly seek feedback from your supervisors and peers as constructive criticism is invaluable for personal and professional growth. Be open to feedback and use it to improve your performance and learn from your experiences.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate your internship here with confidence and professionalism. Remember, this experience is what you make of it, so embrace every opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute. Good luck!

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