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Advice for Future Interns: Jordan Whelan

We asked July intern Jordan Whelan to share some advice for our future interns. Jordan is going into his final year BCL Law with Politics degree in University College Dublin.

The Application

The internship application with the firm is a competitive process. With the applications for the 2024 intake opening on Tuesday 5 September 2023, it is important for prospective interns to plan ahead and begin their application early.

It is also worthwhile to ask your friends or the careers guidance team at your university for advice in preparing your CV and cover letter. Focus on why you want to work here in particular. But remember that the firm offers a progressive and unique culture to other firms which is only possible when the individual personalities of their staff shine through – so most importantly, be yourself!

Settle In

Your first day as an intern may feel intimidating and make you nervous about what to expect. Just remember that you have already done the toughest part and you’re in the same boat as everyone else. Embrace getting to know your mentors, buddy, and the wider department that you will work with for the next few weeks. The quicker you become familiar with your colleagues the more comfortable and at ease you will feel in your working environment. Settling in is made easy from the outset as everyone you meet at the firm is welcoming, friendly, and rooting for your success!

Get Involved

Your internship here will have a jam-packed schedule that is yours to make the most of, so go get involved! The firm will run many professional and social events throughout the immersive three-week programme. Use these to gain an insight into the daily life of trainees, associates and partners and have fun getting know your fellow interns.

Give a Helping Hand

During your time at the firm, you will have the opportunity to receive exceptional on-the-job training and contribute to high-profile cases. Assisting your department colleagues in whatever way you can is a great way to build rapport and develop crucial skills for the work of a solicitor.

If you are unsure how you can help out your team, then simply ask! This brings me on to my final tip for future interns…

Questions Are Your Friend

Joining a leading law firm can undoubtedly lead to a feeling of imposter syndrome, particularly in the first couple of days. Just remember that the firm have expressed confidence in your ability to learn by accepting you onto the internship programme in the first place. No one expects an intern to know it all, so the buddy and mentor system is a great dynamic for promoting the idea that there is ‘no such thing as a silly question’. It is better to ask and learn than to pretend you already know!

Accessibility and collaboration with your colleagues are promoted within the firm because of the open plan working environment. The firm also offers support and training from the library and knowledge departments, organises sector specific conferences, and has leading lawyers across all the main practice areas, so take advantage of them – be curious and ask questions!

Learn more about our internship programme.

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