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We asked June intern, Daniel Power to share some advice for our future interns. Daniel has just graduated from Business and Law at University College Dublin.

Be proactive

As an intern, it is important to take proactive steps to explore the firm and get exposure to the market-leading work found throughout the business. While it may seem daunting at first to reach out to an associate for a chat, you’ll find that firm's culture shines through in their approachability and willingness to engage with interns. Your three weeks will fly by, so it’s best to start as early as possible, meeting as many people as you can. The firm facilitates this process too by setting up social events throughout the programme.

Dress to impress!

The firm operates a “dress for your day” policy, meaning that people wear what is most appropriate for the day ahead. Day-to-day, most people will follow business casual but for client meetings and visits to court, more formal attire may be worn. What is most important is that you wear what is comfortable for you, and to feel your best at work.

Eat well

As an intern, you’ll spend a lot of the day moving between meetings, presentations and group activities so it’s important to be well fuelled. The firm has a subsidised cafe with vegetarian options that is great for meeting with other interns and having lunch for the day. As part of WOW month, free ice cream was available every day to enjoy in the sun!

Be open to feedback

Throughout the internship, you’ll be given excellent opportunities to deliver meaningful work. After completing a piece of work, asking for feedback is a great opportunity to refine your transferrable skills and deliver better quality output. It is worth asking your mentor about how you’re performing – what could be done differently? What is being done well? By collecting this feedback, you can develop new habits and skills and show to your team how you are able to improve.

Enjoy the process

For many, the beginning of the internship can be an intimidating process. Much of this worry is done away with from the moment you begin your orientation, as it is well-structured and is delivered by an incredibly friendly HR team. The focus for the first couple of days is settling into your team, with talks delivered by the knowledge team, newly qualified solicitors, and the marketing team to build your soft skills. By the end of the first week, interns are fully integrated into their team, participating in real-world matters with tangible impact.

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